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Government agencies are at the center of a rapidly changing world. The growth of the Internet coupled with growing information needs for government employees, law enforcement and tax payers has created a growing need for software that can quickly and efficently make useful information from mounds of data.

In an April 27, 2011 press release, President Obama ordered federal agencies to upgrade customer service. This Executive Order requires federal agencies to develop plans to leverage technology to improve their customer service capabilities.

PlanetJ's government division offers federal, state, and local agencies leading edge business intelligence (BI), Dashboards, Analytics, Data Sharing, Tracking and Reporting via a flexible array of software products, including new solutions for accessing data on the go, via WOW Mobile Solutions.

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Rockland County, New York

Rockland County, New York like many other government agencies has constant needs for information retrieval. Significant technical challenges exist because the information is distributed amongst various backend database systems used by the numerous agencies. For example, when law enforcement wants to search for information on a particular person, up to 4 different applications need to be accessed and searched individually resulting in safety vulnerabilities and lost productivity.

WOW Solves Rockland County, New York's Data Sharing Challenges

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Information is power and PlanetJ has developed tools to empower the public safety community.

Lt. Joe Koval
Rockland County,New York