WOW Mapping Solutions WOW Mapping provides a web based dynamic mapping solution for law enforcement and other Government agencies. WOW Mapping leverages Google Maps and/or Google Earth to plot real-time database data, complete with web browser based access and drill down access to data residing in any RMS, CAD, and Inmate database.

Mapping utilizes WOW's adward winning WOW Enterprise Edition development environment and WOW Google Earth mapping software components. WOW Mapping is also compatible with the WOW Multi-System Query addon.

WOW Google Earth Brochure

WOW Google Earth Law Enforcement Demo

This image shows a map of Incidents ranging from Ambulance, Police and Fire incidents all the way to emergency road condition calls. In this particular image, all incidents are color coded by responding agency, as seen in the Legend above the map. This particular example also utilizes WOW Multi-System Query tool.

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