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WOW Search Agents (WSA) Law enforcement and other government agencies have unique needs for reporting and disseminating information. In some circumstances, law enforcement has a need to keep informed on incidents and reports in real-time or on a day-to-day basis. This had been a more difficult prospect until now. WOW Search Agents module allows organizations to easily create and distribute reports using data from any database system. Combined with WOW Multi-System Query (MSQ), agencies can share/access data from multiple disparate systems and send automated reports of this data via email. WSA provides the ability to save and re-run any SQL query that contains prompting, then send the results via email to any number of recipients. The Search Agent can then be configured to re-run (and send results via email) based on a time schedule.

MSQ utilizes WOW's adward winning WOW Enterprise Edition development environment . WSA is also fully compatible with WOW Multi-System Query components.

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